Contract and Disclaimer

To template, fabricate and install a granite countertop with a standard 4 inch backsplash, standard edge profile (1/2 roundover, eased, bevel, full bullnose) and prepped for the customers/CSI supplied sink, as per the dimensIons. If the actual dimensions significantly vary from the bid dimensions and/or various modifications due to on forseen field conditions or by changes made from the owner/architect/builder, then there could be a cost associated with it. 

For the Granite

Installation is for the countertops only. All necessary leveling/pricing/substructure to be in place prior to template. Any modifications done by counter service industries will be billed hourly rate. Counter Source Industries will not warranty damage to poor support structure or building settlement. Installation does not include any wood work, electrical, plumbing, painting, removal/installation of existing appliances or cream/lift if necessary for delivery, unless specified in agreement.


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